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GradeSlam is the premiere tutoring service for students looking to improve grades and get extra academic support. Though our site may look snazzy, we are a small team dedicated to providing the support and customer satisfaction that you expect and deserve.

Our tutors are carefully selected from top university programs and are chosen based on their academic history, communication skills and ability to think outside the box. With 1000s of free tutorial videos allowing you to sample our tutors, GradeSlam combines revolutionary technology with proven success measures.

With no pre-defined curriculum, we customize each session to the specific needs of the student. This personalized experience is designed to ensure excellence inside and outside the classroom. I personally guarantee your experience with us will be a terrific one.

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GradeSlam has tutors for all budgets and never compromises quality. Plus our online by-the-minute billing ensures you only pay for exactly what you use.


Finding the right tutor is a science, one that we have math-tered. Tutors are recommended because their teaching style matches the student’s learning style.

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