We envision a world where every student has the same opportunities

In 2014, Philip Cutler, Founder & CEO, left teaching to start GradeSlam. Like most teachers, after years of working in the classroom, he realized that no matter how good he was at teaching, all of his students still left class with different levels of understanding. Although most students sought additional support outside of the classroom, 90% of families couldn’t afford private tutoring to meet their child’s needs.

To him, education has always been about accessibility and equality. When students do not have the same access to academic support, it creates an achievement gap that follows them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Cutler felt so strongly about tackling educational equity that he co-founded GradeSlam with longtime friend and collaborator, Roberto Cipriani. With their team, Cutler and Cipriani have worked to develop a solution that levels the playing field for all students and ensures that every child can reach their academic potential.

Meet Gradeslam's Team

Phil Cutler

Founder & CEO

Roberto Cipriani

Founder & COO/CTO

Alyssa Tuman

Director of Student Success

Francis Lavazelli

Director of Engineering

Faiyaz Hasan

Director of Labs

Jacob Geller

Director of Partnerships

David-Emmanuel Gadoury

Director of Product

Adriel Fabella

Software Developer

Jane Janiszewski

Software Developer

Sahil Dawka

Software Developer

Michael Mansourati

Software Developer

Paul Janiszewski

Infrastructure Engineer

Kara Katon

UI/UX Designer

Franck Tchuente

Data Scientist

Quoc Tien Au

NLP Engineer

Hunter Moreau

Partnership Manager

Brandon Hogbin

Partnership Manager

Cora Mcilwain

Student Success Manager

Bruce Duncan

Partnership Associate

Chloe Sholl

Pedagogical Service Manager

Anna Williamson

User Engagement Specialist

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